Down To Dunk!

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What’s up Tree & Leafers!

I’ve been an employee at Tree & Leaf for over 4 lovely, magical years and I’ve been a Thunder and NBA fan for longer! Over a year ago some friends of mine started a weekly podcast called “Down to Dunk” to talk about the Thunder and the NBA so their wives, girlfriends, and twitter followers didn’t have to hear or see their obnoxious comments, complaints, and Nick Collison worshipping all the time. It didn’t work, everyone still has to deal with it, but the podcast is going great!

I joined up with them about a month in and I’ve loved every bit of it. Jay Smith, Andrew Schlect, Luke Stephens, and myself get up every Friday morning at 6 A.M. to record it and we regret it every single Friday at around noon. But we just keep doing it. We’ve had guests such as Royce Young of Daily Thunder, Anthony Slater of The Oklahoman, Zeb (Zorgon) of Welcome to Loud City, and Carson Cunningham from KOCO to talk about all things Thunder and NBA. We think you’ll love it if you don’t already listen so you should check it out!  

Click HERE to find us on iTunes and subscribe! If you love it, rate us and leave a comment. If you hate it, thanks for your time but please don’t rate us or leave a comment. Seriously, please don’t, we’re all super emotionally vulnerable. 

Also follow us on Twitter at @DTDPodcast and send us questions, comments, or hilarious Chris Bosh gifs

Hope you enjoy the pod!

Taylor Dickerson