Drawlings: Tree & Leaf Presents Tony Thunder

Dusty GilpinComment

During the next LIVE on the Plaza, we'll be hosting artist Tony Thunder AND musical guest Jabee! Summer LIVEs are absolutely crazy. The atmosphere is rich with energy and vibing with creativity. The streets and businesses are flooded with patrons of all generations anxious to endulge their senses with flavors, sights, and sounds of Oklahoma City culture. Tony has long been a friend of Tree & Leaf. This will be the 4th time we've featured his art in our store, and he never disappoints. His art is deeply creative and always very saturated with bright colors and lively illustrations. Note: this show may feature some content not suitable for kiddie kids, so keep their eyes diverted toward the t-shirts!

Along with the art, Jabee will be performing in the backyard of our store. So grab a drink and check out some great art and hear some great music!

I've interviewed Tony about his art before, but wanted to catch up since it's been a year since we've shown his work. Here's a brief interview about what to expect from hisl show:

Alright dude! What do you have planned for this upcoming show?

Lots of blood, pizzas, hamburgers and portraits of George Clooney.. naw just playin. You know, just tons of drawings and sketches i kick out from my head everyday. i got a couple of paintings and a pretty nice print that i think alot of people will enjoy. also i'll have a couple of T-shirts, it should be good.

Sounds like a pretty straightforward Tony Thunder show to me! On the flier you placed a 'Rated R' logo. Is there anything in particular that people need to know before checking out the art?

Haha i thought it just looked cool on there like an old movie poster hah, but you know with art everything means something in some way or form. So, i guess yeah sometimes my drawings and sketches are for mature audiences and sometimes even offend people. I dont know, i've been in this weird spot where it's like i want to write and illustrate kids books and appeal to kids and parents, but then its like sometimes i feel like i need to draw a person with their face melted off with a knife in their back with a word bubble that says " F-You" and then i post it to my instagram and its like man maybe i shouldn't have done that.. but then it's like, i've always been myself. i dont want change that. Overall, i'll try to keep it clean, but there might be something that's "NSFW" hah

Ha ha! Being a new(er) father, has raising a child changed the way you create art? Or view it?

No not at all. everything is the same pretty much. He gets scared of my art sometimes though. He'll shake his finger at it and be like "No,No Mun-Schur." and then he'll be like "Daddy did it!" it's awesome, but no its been business as usual since he came on the scene.

That's great! How many pieces do you think you'll have for this event?

Not sure on this one. Like i said i got ALOT of original sketches that I'm willing to let go, but im not sure how many actual paintings i'll have, we'll have to see.  I'll also have a life sized George Clooney sculpture installment that will be for sale..  maybe..


Can't wait! Well I know this interview was much more brief than the previous, but by this point, I think our reader's have a pretty good idea of the great art to expect from you!
Anything else in particular you want to leave us with? DrawLings, skateboarding, music, nonsense, 19, Road to Nowhere, life in general….etc?

I just want to thank Tree and Leaf and everyone else that supports my art. It should be a pretty rad night, mark your calendars, spread the word! bring your brothers and sisters, wifes, cousins and friends lets get rowdy and enjoy the night. You wont be disappointed! One Love!

We're excited for Tony's show, and highly encourage you to attend. We'll have some special releases we'll announce later this week! See you soon!