Drink & Draw New Schedule!

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In 2011, I decided that I needed to start drawing more. I guess you could call it a New Year's resolution, but I made a point to start drawing every Thursday night. Each Thursday I would send out a text message to a few art buddies: Tony Thunder, Kaleb Nimz, Avery Wilson, Michael Walters, Hector Lopez, and Tanner Frady. Besides most major holidays and a handful of sicknesses or vacations; I've drawn every Thursday night since then.

From left to right: Tanner Frady (Not Pictured), Michael Walters, Tony Thunder, Kaleb Nimz, Hector Lopez.

From left to right: Tanner Frady (Not Pictured), Michael Walters, Tony Thunder, Kaleb Nimz, Hector Lopez.

Three years later, I can attribute a huge amount of my artistic progression to Drink & Draw. I've met more artists, been pushed to draw outside the box, and learned more artistic techniques than I ever have through any collegiate art course I ever took.

In the later part of 2012, we moved D&D from my house to the Tree & Leaf printshop. We had more space, more parking, more tables and chairs. There were nights when absolutely no one would show up and there were nights when 15 people would attend. It was always hit or miss what the attendance would be, but we stayed consistent with hosting every Thursday. It's a totally cliché adage, but I always fell back on the quote from Field of Dreams, "If you build it, they will come." Sure enough, eventually they consistently came.

Once Tree & Leaf opened it's newest retail location in the Plaza District, it only seemed appropriate to move Drink & Draw to the more centrally located space. Since the move we've averaged an attendance of about 25 people. Each night is a new adventure, conversation, and unorthadox lesson in art. I can't thank all our attendees enough for helping make this a really amazing weekly event. I especially want to thank Edgardo George, Lance King, and Hector Lopez for making Drink & Draw their own. On the nights of low attendance, I can expect to see them ready to draw and anxious with ideas of how to grow Drink & Draw further.

Drink & Draw is the little baby of Tree & Leaf, and it's time for it to take it's next big step in growth. Over the last few months I've been rolling over ideas of how to increase the reach of Drink & Draw. It's time for Drink & Draw to get on it's legs and move around a little. I'm excited to announce that Drink & Draw will now be shared with our friends at Brass Bell Studios and The Okay See! We feel that both these gathering spaces share a likemindedness with Tree & Leaf but host their own unique demographics. By allowing Drink & Draw to travel, we open up the doors to more people, more creativity, and more ideas. Consistency is still absolutely a must, Drink & Draw will be hosted every Thursday from 8-11pm. 

Drink & Draw will still be at Tree & Leaf on the majority of Thursdays, but to keep it relatively simple, here is the new schedule:

1st Thursday: The Okay See

2nd Thursday: Brass Bell Studios

3rd - 4th - 5th Thursdays: Tree & Leaf

We will also be posting on all our social networks every Thursday at which location it will be, and for you non-social networker we've built an 'Events' page which will provide a monthly view of where D&D will be along with other T&L events. The new locations are relatively close to each other, here is a pretty straightforward map in case you haven't visited the other spaces:

Thanks again to all our usual attendees for making Drink & Draw a ton of fun and teaching me how to be a better artist. Thank you to Brass Bells and The Okay See for hosting the event once a month, I'm anxious to see this get bigger. Keep up the great work, everyone!