Tunnel, trainyard, and alley dwelling became one of my favorite pastimes in the later half of the 2000s. This led to discovering that Oklahoma City actually had a graffiti scene. At the time it wasn't a large scene by any means, I wouldn't say it's a big scene today but you can imagine it was much much smaller a little less than 10 years ago. I think it would be safe to say that there were 15-20 active, productive graffiti artists at the time. One of those active few was ENTAKE.

I specifically remember admiring the piece above. The image doesn't do justice to the scale as this piece was approximately 30 feet in length and a good 8 feet tall. Before I met Entake I was looking up to his artworks, and when I finally met him; I was looking up to him - Entake is not a small individual. Through graffiti events like Battle On The Plains and Made You Look, Entake and I became friends. Over the years I've painted numerous walls with Entake, and I've met few people that are as talented and as kind as he. Graffiti artists are a breed of their own and not the easiest group to organize. However, Entake has never failed to be timely and professional when I've scheduled art events and murals to be painted. His productivity and professionalism is what has taken his art to the next level. He is constantly painting and improving. His driven work ethic is clearly visible if you visit his Instagram page and note how many walls he's painted within a years time.

I got to interview our featured artist about his life & artwork. Without further ado - ENTAKE:

Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up and when did you start doing art?

I grew up on the southside of Oklahoma City, SE 15th and High in a neighborhood named "Top of the Town". I've been doing art all my life, kind of lazy with it until 8 years ago when something clicked and I started producing consistently.

What influenced your art early on?

My mom, (she's a great artist) the 80's, Old English Letters and Graffiti.

What most influences your art now?

Life, imagination and scribbling.

What medium(s) do you normally use in your work?

Blood, Sweat and Tears with a little bit of Spray paint and  acrylics mixed in.

Is it different working on canvas versus painting walls and murals.

Not much of a difference besides i'd rather paint a wall than a canvas any day. Spray paint on canvas is great, goes quickly because aerosol paint is forgiving and dries quick. Acrylics is another story takes more time to finish a piece.

How did you get the name Entake?

I remember seeing Intake on my dad's C-130 that he maintained while serving in the Air Force, I taught to myself that would be a cool name. I was referred to as an intake machine a couple times growing up because I loved to eat and drink so I started to write Intake until I changed it to Entake because I looked better when written.

Tell us about Walvus and the other characters that frequent your work.

WALVUS! He's my imaginary friend, a cyclops walrus that travels through time living out childhood fantasies.  

The Sturgeon Rhino Shark is a tribute to some inspirations in my life, Mark Eckō, Scribe ,and fishing 

The Throw E is one of my letter characters, their are others but he pops up more frequent because it's the first and last letter in my name.

Do you listen to music when you produce art, if so, who or what do you listen to?

Yes I do. Who and what varies,  I'm a fan of many artists and genres. I guess it depends on my mood, lately I've been listening to the Eagles, Yelawolf, Steve Miller, Jabee and Colbie Caillat.

What do you have in store for the 'Partake with Entake' show?

I want to give a chance to buy an original piece of art from me at an affordable price.  I'm offering pieces for a silent auction starting with a minimum reserve. I'll be displaying mostly new works and a couple older pieces, ranging in style, content and medium. 

Where can people find more information about your work?

You can find out more on my Facebook page: Entake 1 and on Instagram as @hansphoto

Check out Entake's artwork and limited edition screenprinted poster Friday, March 14th from 7-11pm during LIVE on the Plaza! Guest artist Chris SKER from Tulsa's UAT Graffiti Crew will be LIVE painting our delivery van outside as well!