Monster Within: Interview with Edgardo George, Lance King, Corey Hancock, and Eric Sandhop

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How could I ever describe the Drink & Draw group? Each week we have a different dozen-twentyfive people that share their art and soul with us. While many times very unnoticed and definitely under appreciated, Drink & Draw gets some of the absolute best local artists and illustrators in the region to attend. While not all of our D&D artists will be showcased in this month's art exhibition, you can expect that most of the D&D clan will be showcased at T&L someday. This month I am very proud to interview and host what I would consider the core group of Drink & Draw. Lance King, Edgardo George, Cory Hancock, Eric Sandhop, and Matt Raney basically walked into a Drink & Draw session and it hasn't been the same since. This group has taken D&D to a new level of talent and completely widened the gap for attenedees. They have always been more than welcoming to new members, and are always inviting more people to join us each and every Thursday. This week I am extremely excited to host the backbone of Drink & Draw as our poster print artist of the month!

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CH = Cory Hancock, LK = Lance KingEG = Edgardo George, HL = Hector Lopez, ES = Eric Sandhop

CH: We doin this?

LK: We should interview Dusty: "Why are you so busy"


CH: True

LK: "How do you get your beard so perfect?"

CH: What makes it grow?

LK: It's really just spiders

CH: How many brush strokes are put thru that beard every night?

EG: TruSpiders

CH: I will play gta5 till he gets here

LK: I will be drawing art for the show

T&L: Alrighty you hillbillies! Please introduce yourselves, and include any contact or portfolio information:

LK: I'm Lance King of Oklahoma, cartoonist and caricature artist at www.lancekingart.comAlso, my instagram is @okie_lance

EG: Hi, I'm Edgardo George. I draw goofy drawings at and my instagram is @eggokc

HL: I'm Hector and I draw a lot. My Instagram is @hecklopez

CH: Im Cory Hancock I dont have a website but i  draw, paint and design.

ES: I'm Eric Sandhop. I grew up in Oklahoma, I'm a freelance illustrator/designer. I've recently gotten back into caricatures. In my head I just think of myself as cartoonist.

 T&L: What were your influences when being introduced to art, and what influences your art now?

EG: I grew up in Panama, Central America. My influences were the political cartoons in the newspaper, Condorito, Mafalda. Also the Japanese big robot shows like Mazinger. But I've learned the most from drawing with Lance and Eric at Dennys and iHop late at night. My momma taught me how to draw.

LK: I watched the crap out of Looney Tunes, then a friend of my mom's named Rob Dog gave me some Marvel comics, then I dove into Ren & Stimpy and was never normal again. Now I'm influenced by weirdos on the street, people trying to bust my balls, human nature, cinema, and Drink & Draw times.

CH: I grew up here in Oklahoma.I was a big ren and stimpy fan, as well as ed roth and warner Brothers.I have a lot of influence from those pretty much my influences are satire  of pop culture and d&d buddies of course.

HL: My influences were Disney, Looney Tunes, dinosaurs and airplanes. Currently my inspiration is transformers, robots, skateboarding art, caricatures, things in movement.

EH: My contact info: My biggest influences growing up were Marvel comics, Saturday morning cartoons, Kung Fu, monster and sci-fi movies. The cheaper and crappier the better.

T&L: You've pretty much made Thursday's drink & draw your own, didn't you guys start drawing together before D&D?

EG: Yes, we used to get together after work, tired and sweaty and stinky. We'd draw til late at Denny's or iHop. We did "pass the panels," dirty drawings and made each other cry. And then you took us strays in, so now we cry with laughter.

CH: Yes I followed hardened warriors like lance, eric, eggman,and matt since I was 33 now soooo a while in oklahoma and texas

LK: Yeah, a few of us learned under pressure by drawing caricatures at theme parks right out of high school, and Egg has always been the most prolific IHOP/Denny's bust-up hilarious cartoonerman

HL: I never met these fools, 'cept Lance, who I ran into caricatures gigs where they hired two of us.

LK: Hector, I saw that clip of you drawing caricatures on MAD TV, that blew my mind!

CH: Me too

EG: Hector brings it to another level!

HL: Lorraine is funny in real life too!

T&L: We're excited to host you guys for this month's poster print artist, what have you got planned for the show?

LK: We got some Halloween-themed art pieces, a Halloween Manimation Premiere, a costume contest, some live hijinks..

HL: I saw the manimation drawings in person. I'm geeking out!

EG: It will be exciting and electric, my friend. The sweet sweet premiere of a Manimation hot off the oven. A costume contest for all Halloweeners. Delicious new stickers in the sticker machine. Color lights. Friendships. Lost loves.

LK: Some dang FOG! I heard Andy Warhol was gonna be there. Could just be a rumor.

ES: I've got a collection of mini monster prints and horror movie themed illustrations. I'm also desperately trying to finish a coloring book of about 25 bw kid friendly drawings

HL: I'll be displaying some stuff, but mainly I'm just tagging along for the ride.

CH: The undead will be rotting in a frame from me! I will have my zombie usuals of course

LK: Aw man, my cat just did a thing in the litter box :C

T&L: Lance and Egg, tell me a little about the 'manimation' projects your working on.

EG: This one is in the style of the old timey Vampira hosted late night scary tv shows. And it is a twofer. Two stories for the price of one free ticket, grindhouse special. So spooky you might never sleep it off again.

LK: This is our second manimation, hopefully people will dig it as much as our first one, "Kicked Out of Cookies". We basically just riff some real-life stories on a mic, make funny drawings to help explain them, and move our drawings by hand in funny ways, then smash all that together.

T&L: Heck, will you be caricTuring? Does that play into the art you're showing

HL: I can maybe draw people as zombies. I just need PBR. 

ES: zombie caricatures would be fun!

T&L: I found drink and draw to be extremely influential in my work, how has drink and draw influenced you as an artist?

CH: It keeps me goin.if I didnt draw all week I will try to draw Thursday

HL: It was relief to hang out with people with around the same nerdiness as me (more or less). Y'all nerds

EG: To me Drink and Draw is great because it gives me and other artists a chance to draw socially, in a group. Growing up, drawing was an isolating activity. At D&D, we draw, joke, sip it up, listen to fun music and learn from each other. It's my favorite night of the week and revives my batteries. S'my art girlfriend

EG; Oh by the way, big thanks to Kristin for letting you out of the house to go harangue with us criminals...

LK: It's a double-your-pleasure benefit of a) great excuse to draw for a few hours at least once a week, and b) draw in the company of like-minded folk who are also there to improve and be inspired.

CH: It is a great spot for young and upcoming artist to also be around some really talented guys who have been in the business for very long time. It's fun to pick their brain every Thursday.

EG: By the way D&D is not a boys club. People of all genders, ages, walks of life are welcome.

ES: Drink and Draw helps me keeps my drawing skills sharp and is a constant stress test of the creative muscle. It's a refreshing break from computer based design and illustration to just start with a blank page and a #2 pencil. I've also really enjoyed meeting a bunch of like minded people who like to make things. When someone does something amazing right in front of you it's a reminder to keep working hard and keep improving.

LK: Even the most experienced artists can learn some things from young artists with the gumption and the passion for creativity.

EG: YEAH! It's a great place to let out the monster inside!
HL: I agree with everything that's been said about D&D

T&L: honestly, YOU guys have challenged Drink & Draw, especially with your infamous 'Pass-the-Panel' cartoons. Tell me a little about the origin of those, and where examples can be found.

HL: Sausage fest too. This is an example of what I've learned that I lack in drink n draw. I hardly use my art to tell stories. I've always relied on how 'cool' something looks. Sequential art is something id like to learn. 

T&L: D&D does have a tendency to be a male majority... Any pleas to the ladies?


For all your pass the panel needs. We literally invite every female we meet with even a passing interest in art. Pass the panel comics started in the early days of Denny's nights just trying to make each other laugh as hard as possible by being completely inappropriate. Originally they were never meant to be shared with anyone not at the table.

EG: Yes, we invite female artists of all ages. We all learn drawing techniques and share laughs at D&D.

T&L: You guys proposed having a costume contest at this art show, will you be dressing up? What will you be looking for when choosing the "best costume?"

LK: Oh heavens to Betsey yes, I love dressing up for Halloween. To me, the best costumes are original and hand-made, not store-bought, not the millionth dude in a Mario costume, and not something that relies on scandalousness to win.

CH: Ok...taking back my mario costume...thanks lance!!!

ES: I'm completely unprepared for Halloween. I might have to fall back to last years costume for the night.

LK: Cory, you can be all the Mario you want, just do something different with it!
CH:I got a rubber mask.a staple of Halloween creepers everywhere

LK: We're loving Oklahoma! We love pitching in our creativity to help the city grow in new and fun ways, so fun to be a part of.

EG: This is the season when people put on wild masks. I encourage everyone to take off their mental masks and look into your brain mirror. You are all beautiful babies, love yourselves and do what you love with passion, OKC!

ES:I just love the creative potential we have been seeing in Oklahoma and the Plaza. I think we are at the beginning of a new era for local creatives. Of course I also love Tree and Leaf (Dusty) for providing a lens to focus all these terrific folks.