Shop Good Mustache Bash 2013

ART, GRAFFITIDusty GilpinComment

We've been involved in Shop Good's Mustache Bash for the last 3 years! We are super excited to once again be involved in such a great party for a good cause. This year, we will be premiering our new (old) 1969 Chevy van! Tanner and I will be doing live graffiti on both sides of the vehicle and doing our best to hustle some cotton out the back!

We even got to paint a few custom signs for the event this year. These handpainted signs are 2x8 and will go above designated product tents, and a special pop up barber shop!

Lastly, since the event is on a Thursday, the Drink & Draw crew will be relocating to 9th Street to draw cartoons and caricatures for the event! Drink & Draw is only postponed when there is another event that we feel is important to support by attending, and The Mustache Bash is definitely one we wouldn't miss! Hopefully we'll see you Thursday night!