Tanner Frady


We've been lucky to have a string of exceptional employees since we've been running the shop. The 4th employee we've ever had worked his last day in our shop today, and we want to wish the best to our dear friend, Tanner Frady!

The good ol' days in the back of our first store.

The good ol' days in the back of our first store.

I remember a very young Tanner visiting our first store. Wide eyes and braces, Tanner asked if he could hang art in our shop. We happily obliged and a friendship was started. Tanner's art and subsequent art carreer have blossomed over the last few years. He's had multiple art shows and has really created a niche and following for his work. He is extremely talented, hard working, and mature. While Tanner's time at our shop has ended, we hope we've encouraged him along his path toward bettering his art and life. He is a great friend, and we're extremely happy for what's to come of this young entreprenuer. Good luck Tanner, it's been a blessing having you on our team for the last 4 years!