Tree & Leaf Presents: SEAPO LDs GNS

Dusty GilpinComment

Summer Plaza art walks are the best! It seems like everyone comes out of the woodwork during the summer and LIVE on the Plaza is vibrant. This month we will be hosting guest artist, SEAPO! Mark your calendar for Friday the 13th because it is going to be a greatshow! I got to host a brief interview with Seapo to peer into his life and art. If you are interested in the graffiti movement or trains, this is a show you won't want to miss. Without further ado, Seapo:

 The elusive SEAPO! What influenced your art early on? What most influences your art now?

Early on I was really influenced by wanting people to see my stuff. I just wanted to write my name on everything. I also liked the feeling of doing something bad and getting away with it. Now I'm not so much influenced but, driven by the younger generation of writers. Some are a lot better than I will ever be, most are just rocking the same generic style they stole off flickr and gaining insta fame from promoting themselves on the internet. I really hate where the subculture is heading, the internet is ruining graffiti and the days of benching and trading photos are almost over. 

How has Oklahoma City influenced your art?

Oklahoma City had influenced my art mainly because of the people I've met here. Entake is a huge inspiration to me. I never really liked doing fine art or characters but he has influenced me in a lot of ways since we met about a year ago. 

How many trains would you estimate you've painted, and are there any pieces or experiences that stick out to you while painting?

I stopped keeping track of my trains in 2012 but I had roughly 1500 cars at the time.

Once I was painting a yard along a walking path and some hero snuck up on me. I ran from him but he chased me and kept yelling about how he was gonna whoop my ass. I hopped on a moving line to get away from him and ended up outside of Indianapolis when the train finally stopped. I was like 17 at the time, and yes, my mom picked me up! Haha...

What other artists do you paint with most often?

LD crew (ld's) and Goonies crew (gns)  are the two crews I rep but recently I've been painting with Entake, Hatem and sker.

Do you listen to music when you produce art, if so, who or what do you listen to?

I have recently been getting into a lot of music without lyrics for example Pretty Lights, Gramatic, Ratatat. I'll always be a hiphop head above all though. Nas is my favorite rapper along with Ghostface Killa, Action Bronson, MF Doom. I can get down to The Black Keys and Alabama Shakes too.

Besides art, what other hobbies occupy your spare time?

Benching freights, watching movies, music, marijuana. The basics.

Any final thoughts you'd like to leave us?

Shouts to all the oklahomies!!! Entake, teef, slomo, rhak, bowzr, sker, dust of course, let's make this a good year with lots of memories. Mad love and respect to all you guys!

Thanks again to Seapo for the insight into his art and creativity. Although his personal internet prescense is almost non existent, you'll be able to see more of his work in person Friday, June 13th at our Plaza District store! His pieces are exellently executed and affordably priced, so don't sleep on this show!