Weekend Warriors

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This weekend we had a great LIVE on the Plaza! It was packed with people, and the air of summer/spring was contagious. It's so good to be approaching the summer months in the Plaza. Come visit us early and often as we are constantly updating our store and inventory. John was out on the street teaching the kids how to print.

"Come on, kid! Put some muscle into it! This shirt isn't going to print itself!"

"Come on, kid! Put some muscle into it! This shirt isn't going to print itself!"

Although we both worked late into the night on Friday, John and I both tackled our Saturdays each heading toward our separate adventures. John kicked it into high gear and ran in the Red Bud Classic. Congrats to him, finishing the 10k 34th out of 97 with a 51 minute run! If you're into running and whatnot, follow John's training on Instagram: @JohnHMilner. He's preparing to run the full Memorial Marathon at the end of the month!

Kristen and I woke up early to hit the trails. Last year we decided we wanted to visit as many of Oklahoma's state parks as possible. So far, we've been to 9, and this weekend we checked Robbers Cave off of the list.

Robbers Cave state park was beautiful, we bouldered around the cave a while and hiked a few of the trails. Everything was green and budding, and the redbud and dogwood trees were blooming like crazy. Gracie took a dip in Coon Creek and figured a bath should only be followed up with a brisk roll in the leaves.

Those are just some of our weekend activities! Our shirts are made to be worn out! So, get out there and charter your own path, have fun and adventure more!