The Good Ol' Wichitas

Dusty GilpinComment

Headed out to the beautiful Wichita Mountains this weekend. Kristen and I are junkies when it comes to camping and hiking. We just happened to have an unexpected Saturday off and decided to hit the trails. Despite it being overcast (and eventually tornadoey) the temperature was perfect.

The Wichitas are probably the most *popular* state park, and they should be. The amenities are excellent, the trails are well maintained, and the terrain is beautiful. We always head out leash in hand with Gracie, Harper, and Hilde.

With all the rain we've received over the last few months, everything is super green. The wildflowers are blooming like crazy and all the streams and creeks are flowing. Now is a fabulous time to see the park flourishing.

While we only got to hike a couple of the trails, we had a great time. Even though it was a short trip, this has been one of my favorite visits to the park. Of course, on the way out, we had to stop by Meers Restaurant! One of the best burgers in the nation, and goes perfectly with a Choc Miner's Gold beer!

Head out and hike a little! Wear those Tree & Leaf shirts out!