LIVE on the Plaza: Jason Pawley

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Jason Pawley in his studio, Tallhill Creative ( photo credit : Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

Jason Pawley in his studio, Tallhill Creative (photo credit: Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

     He’s rocks a mean tattoo sleeve and rides a motorcycle, but he’s just as full of rooftop yoga handstands and energetic smiles. His dog wears a bandana as well as anybody. And lately, the psychedelic stylings of his vibrant, nature-driven painted patterns have garnered a lot of buzz across the Oklahoma City area. We were lucky enough to get a sit-down.. As always, we’re thrilled to have him.

T+L: Jason Pawley. Our dear friend. How are you?

JP: Fantastically well!

T+L: Delightfully, this show marks your fifth time on display at Tree and Leaf. What’s changed? Who or what are your newest influences?

JP: My work changes every day…. It's a constant, evolving process that shows new ideas every time I paint. Nature has always been a big part of my work…. its where i go to fill up and find grounding.


T+L: Speaking of nature, it shows up again in your biggest work to date. We know that you’ve already got the wheels turning on a massive mural. What can you tell us about working through the Artist Invitational Project to collaborate with Downtown Oklahoma City?

JP: (Smiles) Just that it's been great. They have been super helpful through the whole process. 

Progress from the downtown mural, located under the overpass at Reno and EK Gaylord

Progress from the downtown mural, located under the overpass at Reno and EK Gaylord

T+L: How does the planning process change when you’re confronted with a giant, blank space for the public like that, versus, say, a painting in your studio?

JP: I've just had to adapt to the environment of the location. We do murals or large work at Tall Hill Creative every month… so it was just going bigger…. making a plan and letting it evolve. Its like live painting for weeks.

T+L: Speaking of Tall Hill, what’s happening around the studio space these days?

JP: We have shows the first sunday of every month. If I'm honest, I don’t think we even have an artist lined up for July yet… I guess you could say we try to keep things that fresh.

( photo credit :   Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

(photo creditEthan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

( photo credit : Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

(photo credit: Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

Tall Hill Creative, ( photo credit : Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

Tall Hill Creative, (photo credit: Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

T+L: How are Titus and Arrow? 

JP: You mean my two alter egos…. the old and the wild…. (laughs) They are doing well and are in need of a trip to the river…. It's hot here!

T+L: We love seeing their latest escapades on Instagram. With the ‘gram being a main squeeze for so many artists now, it feels more important to carve out a personality online, yours is one of our favorites. Can you tell us a little bit more about #LifeOfArrow and #WalksWithPawley?

Arrow ( photo credit:  Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

Arrow (photo credit: Ethan Hickerson @ethandoesthings)

JP: Me and my Arrow…. Well its our time to connect back to nature, be inspired, and just saunter. We are both just kids and want to play… so i make time for it!


     You can see a collection of Jason Pawley's work at our store on 16th St in the Plaza all month, starting tonight!