Onward & Up: The Next Step

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For 9 years now, John Milner and I have co-owned and run Tree & Leaf Clothing Printshop and Retail store. We started this company as a group of young men with no knowledge in printing, little knowledge in design, and a minute experience in running a business. The one drive we had was that of doing it ourselves.

Over the last 9 years, John and I have worked tirelessly to manage both the retail store and contract printshop on our own. There are enormous benefits when running your own business, but the work it requires to succeed is daunting. John and I have joked many times about how few vacations and sick days we've been given and how low our hourly rates become after working 60+ hour weeks.

However, the community we have built around this business is priceless. We have contract clients that are nothing less than wonderful. Our community in the Plaza District has created some of our most cherished lifelong friendships. The employees we currently have, and have had in the past, have become family to us. These relationships are indispensable and invaluable. To put it in perspective, I met my wife because she was placing an order for t-shirts with Tree & Leaf.

We have had amazing employees at Tree & Leaf; interns, printers, retail workers, and designers. There is a core group of young men that have been with Tree & Leaf for a long time; John Metcalf (6 years), Taylor Dickerson (5 years), Ian Spencer (3 years), and Phil Bearshield (3 years). With a combined printshop experience of over 20 years, we believe it is time for us to grant them the opportunity to chase their dreams as small business owners. We believe that they are more than capable of managing a printshop. We believe individually in these young men and we believe they have the same drive to do it themselves that John and I both continue to have.

Without further ado, John Milner and I would like to announce that we have sold our contract printshop to John Metcalf, Taylor Dickerson, Ian Spencer, and Phil Bearshield!

We happily wish them luck on their new adventure as business owners! You however, might have some questions about our transitions, and we will try to address them all here:

What does this mean for Tree & Leaf?

Not much really. Tree & Leaf will still continue to operate it's retail location in the Plaza District. We will still continue to manufacture our own brand of apparel, prints, and artist collaborations. Tree & Leaf isn't going anywhere, we just will no longer be a fulfilling contract print jobs. You'll still be able to find our full selection of t-shirts and unique gifts in store and online.

If I want to place and order for t-shirts, what do I do?

We, in good faith and trust, will happily direct you to Slate Screen Print & Design located in the same location our former printshop was. Nothing changes with your t-shirt ordering, it will just be done with John Metcalf, Taylor Dickerson, Ian Spencer, and Taylor Dickerson. They have a fully functional printshop available for all your design and print needs. We encourage you to use them for your next t-shirt order.

How can I contact Slate Screen Print & Design?


Instagram: @SL4TE.CO

Phone: (405) 498-3901


What does this mean for John and Dusty?

We've got a lot of plans to announce in the near future. For today, we want to keep the focus and accolades on our guys! If you want to follow us personally to see what we're up to, Instagram might be your best bet: @JohnHMilner@TruDust or @TreeAndLeaf

We are proud of our guys, and excited to pass the torch to a group of loyal employees. Cheers!