Tax Free Weekend

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A little something-something for you supportive so-and-sos

A little something-something for you supportive so-and-sos

Friday (8/4) through Sunday (8/6) we're going the no taxation route for all of our apparel. We recently restocked several Oklahoma shirts, and we have a range of shop Ts standing by when you're ready for a refresh. There are new hats aplenty, an expanded Innova Disc line that includes a bunch of wallet-friendly factory seconds, and a reprint of the cork state park maps! Stop on by.

Also, do it this weekend, and thanks to our fine friends at Finch Creative, you can double dip on the deals! Be one of the first 25 customers to spend $50 or more in-store, and you'll get ten bucks back at the register in the form of cold-hard cash, all courtesy of Finch. They're hooking it up. Seriously buy a cork map and throw in a couple of stickers and your order somehow gets cheaper? This is one of those things Finch doesn't have to do, and here they are doing it anyway. Extremely generous.

This deal is also available at a few other great local businesses: Collected Thread, Blue 7, and Shop Good. Saturday is shaping up, meander off your couch, come kick it, and take advantage of the savings!

Survey Says


As a local business, we're listening to you. Not in a creepy, NSA way, but you know, as a friend. It's part of our mission to add value to the community. This is a chance for you to influence the top brass at Tree & Leaf. 

I know, surveys are gross. But this one is short, and it touches on fun things like art, music, and sport. Plus, instead of hassling you in real life with flyers and forms, we're hassling you on the internet, which is somehow better. Answer any or all questions. We'll keep it open for you for a couple of weeks. Thanks for your input and your support!

10 Off for 10 Years!


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I know we've been saying it a lot lately, but we really wouldn't be anything without our fans and our customers. You guys are the reason we continue to invest in our neighborhood and the surrounding community, the reason we stay up late racking our brains for fresh designs or extra hours of printing...we just hope that our impact for others artists, creatives, and local supporters has been as positive as your impact on us.

Scroll through the slew of shots courtesy of people who participated in our #3Cheers10Years anniversary campaign, and, through the next week, enjoy ten dollars off online orders over fifty dollars using the code 10OFF50.