2017: A Call to Artists

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Sean Eldridge kicks off our year of art. His show opens at 6:00 PM on Saturday, January 21st, but you can catch a sneak preview anytime this week. 

Things slow down this time of year. It's no secret. When it gets cold and dark, it's easy to want to stay in bed all day. Our store events face stiff competition from inclement weather. C'est la vie, particularly right after the madness of the holidays. Well, what better time to polish our skills (see the Pencil Pushers), schedule collaborations, and call to fellow artists?

We have a heap of openings this year, beginning with Friday, February 10th. Interested? We've included a short list of things we want, and things we don't want.


  • You've sunk practice into your work as an artist, and it shows
  • You're eager, whether it's your first show or your hundredth
  • You're comfortable with promotion - feel free to invite a million people, show initiative
  • A place to find your work (website, instagram, facebook)
  • (RECOMMENDED) Have some pieces with sub $100 price points. Sketches can be a great way to show your process. Feel free to swing for a nice mix of pieces big and small, or opt for flat fees across the board, but you should note that things in the fiftyish-and-less dollar range always tend to do really well in our space
  • You're actually reading this list


  • DO NOT score a show with us and proceed to show up with just a few pieces prepared - bring a lot, fill the space!
  • DO NOT no-show or cancel as we draw close to your show date, especially without notice (exhibit professionalism!)
  • Don't be a chump!

If you know an artist, send them to this page. If you are an artist, and you're looking for a show, send us a link to your work. Tell us briefly why you would want to show here, and give us the general time of year that you would prefer. Spots fill quickly, and we may offer you a very different time slot, but we'll try to take your preferences into account.


Changing gears, last thing while you're here - allow me this brief spiel. As a local business, we’re listening to you. Not in a creepy NSA way, but just like, as a friend who considers your opinion. The following short survey is a chance for you to weigh in as we plan both inventory and events across 2017.

Look, I know what you’re thinking, “Surveys suck.” If I tried to hand you this survey in real life, you would say “No, thanks,” or walk away briskly while avoiding any eye contact. I get it. But this survey is on the internet. You can do it in your underwear or while you should be working. It takes less than five minutes. Plus, you’ll have a chance to influence our supply selection and promote your favorite local artists and musicians. Results are recorded anonymously. Our little secret. So toss us two cents, and we’ll finally get around to updating our events calendar.

Create your own user feedback survey

Artist Interviews: Sean Eldridge x Live on the Plaza


January drops a new year in our laps. Already we're 3% of the way into 2017. The big battery icon is still bright green, and it's full speed ahead. As a business, we are renewing our commitment to growing and showing local artists, and we'll dive into those details in our next blog. This one is all about Sean Eldridge.

Sean is our featured artist, a Punk Picasso lending paint to wild, expressive characters. His creations toil with strange, stretched limbs and oversized hands. Extra eyes create movement, layering swiveling sequences into single images. Filled with acrylics on a range of canvases and accented by sculptures, this is a large show equal parts grim and delightful.

Hi Sean! Tell us a little about your roots. Where did you grow up and how did you first get introduced to art? I grew up here in Oklahoma City. I was introduced to art as a child, maybe 3 or 4, watching my mom paint and draw. I took a few art classes in high school and first year college. Other than that I am pretty much self-taught. I have shown art at Graphite Elements & Design, Twisted Root, ARTINI, Tall Hill Creative, Coffee Slingers, and Momentum.

Talk a little about what inspires your work and the characters you use in your paintings... What inspires me in art is music, sarcasm, and color. Music, because both creating and listening to music can transport one to a state of powerful emotional interaction. I would like to achieve that same interaction in a painting. Sarcasm, because it helps me not take life too seriously and roll with the punches. Color, because of it’s power and beauty. A little color can go a long way and a lot of color can be overwhelmingly beautiful.

Do you typically listen to music when you work? If so, who are some of the artists that helped motivate this series? I do typically listen to music while creating art. Some artists that motivated this series - Spark Master Tape, Ravel’s Bolero, Debussy’s Clair de Lune, Chopin’s Nocturnes, and the Frank Ocean album, Blonde.

Pros and cons of being an artist in Oklahoma? Where do you go locally to find inspiration to do your work? The pros of being an artist in Oklahoma is that we don’t have an over-saturation of artists like in bigger cities. This, to me, makes it easier for up-and-coming artists to make a name for themselves. Also, I feel there is a lot of hunger for greatness here in artists and the art community. The cons of being an artist in Oklahoma is that Oklahoma is a young state and the art scene is really just developing. Oklahoman artists are pioneers and in any beginnings there are struggles. I find my inspiration in other local art, in my frustration with Oklahoma’s politics, and from cycling around town.

Where can people find more information about your work? Do you have any upcoming events on the horizon? People can find my art on my Facebook page: Sean Ryan Eldridge Original Art, or on my Instagram: @Sean_Eldridge. I have another show this month as well at The Art Hall, located at 519 NW 23rd St. where I’ll be featuring some collage pieces.

Thanks to Sean for the interview - come check out his show opening EDIT: Saturday the 21st at 6 PM

The Pencil Pushers!

Drink And Draw, The Pencil PushersDusty GilpinComment

We've been hosting Drink & Draw for almost 7 years! It's hard to believe we've been having these drawing sessions that long! After a lot of thought, I've decided to rebrand and rename our drawing sessions.

This year, we want to make our drawing sessions bigger and better than ever. We want to plan some drawing 'field trips', and we might even host a class or speaking guest! In these events, I think it's wise to have a group title that isn't bound to location or activity. Instead of naming the event, we want to name the group. Instead of being an attendee, we want you to be A Pencil Pusher!

Lastly, I want these drawing sessions to be open to anyone. All artists of any age or gender are welcome to join us! Members are still welcome to bring their own refreshments if they'd like (BYOB), we're just taking the emphasis out of drink.

We will post every time we host a drawing session so follow @TreeAndLeaf on Instagram or join The Pencil Pushers Facebook group! We will also continue using the old DrinkAndDrawOKC hashtag alongside the new #OKCPencilPushers.

Sessions will take place on Thursdays (typically every other week) from 7-10 PM at the store. In the event we'll be taking a field trip, we'll give advance notice via social media and our website. 

Hope to see you at our next session - TONIGHT (01/05) from 7-10PM!