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We had an awesome finale for our Grow A Beard competition at The Mule. Beards and beers were aplenty and we awarded four fine gentlemen from the results of our online poll. Here are the official winners:

Fullest Beard: JP WIDENER

Best Mustache: JOHN METCALF (reigning champ)

People's Choice: JD EPPERSON (reigning champ)

Beard Fail: KYLE VINCENT (reigning champ)

Congratulations to our winners! Award baskets included gifts from Blue 7, Collected Thread, DNA Galleries, GRP*FLY, Deluxe, Carwin's Shave Shop, Keep It Local OK, Shop Good, The Plaza District, Plan-It Landscape and No Regrets Tattoo! Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, and a HUGE THANK YOU to the wait staff and kitchen help at The Mule!

Along with the main awards, Carwin's Shave Shop sent their resident barber, Chuck Naifeh, to award the Barber's Choice. The award went to the most creatively sculpted beard which was the man with the 'Monkey Tail' - BRETT TAYLOR!

Our great friend Tyler Siems captured some great photos from the evening, and we are very thankful for his amazing talent and for bringing out all his gear to the event. Check some of the photos below and visit his website to see more. Thanks for making this another successful event!

treeandleaf grow a beard the mule tyler siems 2012

Bert Boan looking like a boss with his tabackey pipe.

treeandleaf grow a beard the mule tyler siems 2012

Last years Fullest Beard winner, Kenneth White.

treeandleaf grow a beard the mule tyler siems 2012

JD Epperson won People's Choice, but has a mighty fine mustache!

treeandleaf grow a beard the mule tyler siems 2012

Anthony Difabio rockin' a mighty fine redbeard.

Beard Off

It's all over folks! This was a great competition this year! A BIG THANK YOU to all our competitors, sponsors, and The Mule. Be sure to come out Saturday for our big shindig from 8-10pm! Check out the article that Ghost Advertising wrote about out contest here.

Some of our competitors have already decided to shave, BUT Carwin's Shave Shop asked if they could send out Chuck The Barber to award a special prize to the most CREATIVE facial hair at the beard party! This will be an open award to ANYONE that want's to be judged by Chuck, so get your mutton chops, donnegals, mustaches, and fu man choooooos all waxed up!

See you at THE MULE on Saturday, November 3rd from 8-10pm. Saturdays are busy at The Mule, so give a good name to bearded folks and BE POLITE AND TIP WELL.

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Tree & Leaf Beard Competition 2012 Oklahoma City The Mule Screen Printed Poster

NOW, on to the beards!

Beard Off

Only one more week of growing left! Our competition is winding down and I'm starting to pick up prizes from our sponsors! We've been talking about all the great businesses that are donating to the winners this year and here are the last few:

Keep It Local is a great concept that encourages local residents to shop with local businesses. The cards are only $10 and acts as a running coupon with every business involved. Tree & Leaf offers 15% off your purchase if you have a KIL card! This year KIL will be donating a free 2013 Keep It Local card to each category winner! We're glad to be a part of this great concept, and excited to have them as a sponsor!

No Regrets Tattoo / Ashley Smith: Ashley Smith has basically become the offical tattoo artist of the T&L staff! Tanner, myself, and John all have work by Ashley and like the name of the business, we have 'No Regrets.' Ashley will be donating a $60 tattoo to the contest! Swing by their shop on 16th and Gatewood in The Plaza. All four artists on staff are highly reccommended by T&L.

Shop Good is a great retail spot on 9th & Broadway in between Iguana Grill and Sara Sara Cupcake. A margin of profit from everything in their store goes toward a philanthropy or cause. The owners (Justin & Audrey) are amazing people with big hearts and a brand new little baby. They are quiet and humble, and always generous and hospitable. Make sure to visit them when you're doing Holiday shopping this year. Their store is open late and has a huge inventory of apparel, fashion/home accessories, prints, and art.

At the end of our beard competition we host a beer drinkin party where we award our victors from each category. It's always a fun social time and this year will be hosted at THE MULE on Saturday, November 3rd from 8-10pm. Saturdays are busy at The Mule, so give a good name to bearded folks and be polite and tip extremely well.


Tree & Leaf Beard Competition 2012 Oklahoma City The Mule Screen Printed Poster 

Yesterday I did a 3 color poster print flier for the event and delivered them to most of the sponsors. Each contestant in the competition will receive a print for their scrapbook or refrigerator. I'm very pleased with the outcome and look forward to the event. Anyone is welcome to join us, but again, we just ask you be patient with the staff. Thanks again to The Mule for actually wanting to host the party this year!

Tree & Leaf Beard Competition 2012 Oklahoma City The Mule Screen Printed Poster


Tree & Leaf Beard Competition 2012 Oklahoma City The Mule Screen Printed Poster

NOW, on to the beards!

Beard Off

Today's blog marks the 6th week of beard growth. Only two weeks left in the competition and the contest is getting hairy! Like last week, I'll be writing about a few of our wonderful sponsors that help make this competition a success by donating prizes to the winning categories!

Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar is not your typical craft fair. Deluxe is an indie craft fair and community event where unique artists show and sell their work! If you're interested in finding some amazing local products, you need to check out this event. Put December 8th on your calendar and head out to the State Fair Centennial building from 11:00-8. Admission is FREE and there are all sorts of cool things to eat, see, and do!

Plan-It Landscape is owned by one of our contestants, Kevin Rhodes! Plan-It is a garden center and landscaping company located near Piedmont. If you're looking to upgrade your yard, this is the place to be. Kevin has become a great supporter of T&L in the last year and can regularly be found at Drink And Draw or LIVE on the Plaza with his wife and kids. Look no further for superior landscaping products and quality craftsmanship.

The Society is located right in the heart of the Plaza District and the formula for it's success is simply 'collaborate & progress'. There is always something cool happening at their space, and the art that comes out of the massive barn-like studio is stunning. Jerrod Smith & Phillip Danner share the space and constantly host cool art shows, video premiers, and concerts. They're always looking for passionate people to work with and always willing to build their community stronger. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and check their website for upcoming events.

Carwin's Shave Shop is so cool that I wrote a blog about it the first time I visited their store. The space is filled with men's grooming products and accessories. The store is located in Classen Curve and now has a barber chair for straight razor shaves! Along with providing shaving supply they also host a straight razor shaving class! Be a man (or buy your man some stuff) and head over to Carwin's for a great selection of manly stuff.

Fowler VW will not be donating a new car to you for growing a beard… BUT you'll get to rock a sweet Fowler VW anniversary shirt and some other cool goodies! Fowler VW does sell cool cars, but there is more to the dealership than meets the eye. Jonathan Fowler is one of the kindest and most philanthropic individuals I know. There are few big businesses that champion small business and art like Fowler VW. They have a long history of support with The Plaza District, The Spy FM, Mustache Bash, Norman Music Festival…etc. They take their cars seriously, but they put their heart in backing emerging artists, musicians, and community leaders. We couldn't be happier in having Fowler as friends with T&L.

Go spend your money with these people after you check out this weeks beards!


Beard Off

Now that the beards are well developed, the gloves come off and our competition starts really kicking into high creative gear! The competition for 'People's Champ' starts to get a little tougher as the guys try to outdo each other with creative photography. Before we move on to this weeks (ridiculous) photos, I want to give a brief shout out to a few of the prize donating sponsors!

Collected Thread is an amazing boutique located in the Plaza District. Owned by our great friend Lindsay Zodrow, this hand-made shop is a great destination for unique gifts. They always have a large selection of prints, hand wovens, books, and a bunch of cool stuff for the dudes. Make sure to pit stop by this Friday during LIVE and pay her a visit. Lindsay donated some really cool shirts to last years competition and this year she said she'll be hooking up our winners with a few special gifts as well!

DNA Galleries is right next door to Collected Thread, and a staple of the Plaza. Their space is always booming with really cool shirts, jewelry, accessories, and amazing art. Tomorrow during LIVE they will be hosting local artist Sean Vali who's work never ceases to impress. Amanda (owner) and Dylan Bradway will be doing a live collaborative art piece right in front of the space tomorrow night so be sure so check it out!

GRP FLY is Tree & Leaf's brother from another mother. Vernon Deas is an amazing dude that you have to meet. Always full of charisma and always grinning ear to ear, Vernon runs Oklahoma City's premier streetwear brand. GRP FLY is always sponsoring great local music acts and has it's roots deep in the heart of Oklahoma Hip Hop. Check out his site to see some of the potential tees he'll be donating to this years competition! Thanks Vern! STREEEEEEEEETS!

Blue Seven has everything. Everytime I walk into their store I just wander around and look at all the cool stuff they have. Very eclectic and design focused, Blue Seven has something for everyone. Blue Seven's own Jacob Peregrin is in the competition this year sporting quite the beard! Be sure to check out their site, and follow along with their 6 month raw denim experiment 'Clean Start' at #B7CleanStart.

The Plaza District is basically T&L's second home. We like to think that we're just a Plaza satelite business. We love visiting the Plaza because we share a like-mindedness and a bunch of customers with the Plaza businesses. Make sure to check out LIVE each 2nd Friday and visit all the new businesses popping up in the area. This year the Plaza has a cool new "BE L'OK'AL" shirt that they'll be donating as a prize. Thanks Plaza!

This is only 5 of the 15 businesses donating prizes to the competition this year!! We'll be posting more info about our wonderful sponsors in the last few posts of our competition! NOW on to the beards....


Beard Off

Half way through and there isn't the slightest bit of fatigue in our competition. The full beards are full, and the beard fails are as mangy as ever! Click below to see this weeks antics! Special thanks to for giving us a shoutout on their blog and facbook page!


Beard Off

This competition is getting really ugly, and I mean that in every literal sense of the word. However, we have been getting tweets from the ladies wanting to meet these bearded gents (for some reason...?) We do want to remind our audience that our final beard award ceremony will be hosted at THE MULE (date TBA.) Everyone is welcome to join us for the festivites, and who knows, maybe Tree & Leaf will be a matchmaker (or homewrecker.)

Greg Gilpin (who isn't competing in this years competion) sent us this little gem from Yahoo's Mansome series featuring Jack Passion. Upon further research, I found that their is an entire documentary called Mansome (which can be found on Netflix) that I highly recommend. Enjoy the video and click the jump for this weeks beard pics!

Beard Off

Thanks again to Steven Wilson of for last weeks forward! Hopefully you checked out his site and all the cool happenings of Beard Team USA. Now our competition has passed the pubescent stage and is starting to show signs of serious bearding (most contestants...) We've got a lot of creative submissions this week, lots of dog photos, and as usual a lot of weird creepy pictures of weird creepy beards! Click the 'Read More' button below to check out week 2's set of beard photos!

Beard Off

Steven Wilson of was kind enough to oblige us with a little pep talk and forward to this weeks beard photos. Special thanks to him for doing this, make sure to check out his blog and Beard Team America! Thanks Steven!

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I think we've created a monster. This year we have 52 competitors for the 2012 Grow A Beard contest. I'm not even sure if I can upload 52 photos to the homepage of our blog. Oh well, guess we'll find out...

Enjoy the baby faces while they last. It's about to get real ugly in coming months. Here's our contestants in firstname alpabetical order.


Andy is a great friend of T&L and a veteran beard grower. He's an artist and glassblower at Blue Sage Studios. Check it out!

Beard Off

With temperatures nearing 105° today I think it's about time we gave this summer a night cap. I'm sweating from typing, and that is not good at all. It's time to start acting like it's Fall outside, and the best way to do that is to grow a massive beard. Tomorrow marks the beginning of a 2 month bond, journey, and adventure we call a beard growing competition. Here's the details on what you need to do to be included in the fully follicaled festivities:

Beard Off