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Very honored to be invited back to paint with the Plaza Walls family. It's been 2 years since I painted the portrait of Cuz and Domingo. When Kris asked me to paint the Gatewood wall, I was tasked again with coming up with a concept... always the hardest part.

As my paint date approached, I struggled to find a good concept. Then, in a stroke of chumpness as I drove into the Plaza, it kinda hit me. I went home, told Kristen the general concept, and she helped me fine tune it. 'Don't let the lights burn out.'

I've never painted a mural with the intention of later animating it. I've seen others do it, but have never given it a go. The concept is simple, paint and photo in stages. This particular animation only took 3 stages. I'm super thankful for Nathan Poppe for helping me capture the process with his fancy camera skills.

Give the video a watch below! I'm definitely looking forward to doing more of these soon.

Real Recognize Real:

• Plaza Walls is a tremendous project headed up by Kris Kanaly. He and his crew are really curating an incredible mural scene in Oklahoma City. They deserve every bit of funding and appreciation they get. Please check them out, he is doing a ton of footwork to get these murals painted and funded. These murals bring patrons to the Plaza.

• Dunlap Codding has been a supporter of my art for a long time. They have invited me over two dozen times to work on paint projects in their office. I was very humbled to find out that they sponsored this mural. Big thanks to Doug and Julie.

• Before I started this mural, I was contacted by my friend Josh Kouri. His 14 year old son, Elijah, had expressed interest in illustration and mural work. Without asking for lessons, tips, art, or my time, he asked if he could help. Sometimes I am hesitant to have shadows and interns because it can be mildly burdensome. However, Elijah never hesitated to find tasks to do. When I needed to work, he watched. When he saw that something needed to done, he helped. If I asked him to do a task, he did it or learned how to do it. He helped me trim about 4 hours of work off this mural and we knocked out a majority of it in one work day. Thank you!

LAMBO: Better Be Good To Me

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Check out this wicked edit by Jacob Danley aka @LAMBODACIOUS aka Dan Jacobs.

Jacob sent me an email about 6 months ago. He was new to town and seeing if we sponsored any local skateboarders. I receive these emails occasionally, and generally just reply with the same thing, "Send us some clips and come hang out around the store." For Tree & Leaf, a relationship/community is much more valuable than soley talent. Luckily, Lambo had a great character and the skills to match. Since our brief emails, Lambo has basically solidified himself as our store rider. We featured him in our holiday music video with Jabee and he's made a few appearances on our Instagram page.

Best thing about Lambo is he is constantly trying to improve, always has a smile on his face, is extremely talented, and very humble. We look forward to working with him more in the near future and he will be helping us stock a few more skate products by this spring. Hey LAMBO, you're doing a great job!