Black Future: Jabee Williams

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The Criterion is a massive venue. It's so spacious, I was worried for my friend, Jabee. I was worried that Oklahoma City didn't have enough of a local hip-hop culture to fill such a venue. I'm pleased to have found out that while my concerns for my friend's success stemmed from friendship, they were not warranted. I don't think there has been a larger crowd in support for a local hip-hop performer in all of Oklahoma City's history.


The Black Future event was a testament that Oklahoma City is progressing on a cultural spectrum. While the pace of that progression can be debated, it's apparent that it's happening. Good things are growing in the hip-hop community in OKC. Artists like The Sativa Prophets, ElTeaZee, and Beetyman, and Zie are helping to build a music culture on a foundation that was cultivated over the last ten years by heads like Ronnie Harris, Vernon Deas, Duo the Sick, 8-Bit Cynics, and Jabee.

The show was phenomenal and all the performing artists sets were excellently executed. Cookie Turner is an artist that I was not familiar with, but she had some beautiful tracks and wonderfully interacted with the crowd between songs.

Photo by  Quit Nguyen

Photo by Quit Nguyen

The whole T&L posse rolled out to the event. We had a blast, we even got to take our friend Cuz with us! This picture pretty much sums up the T&L family...

Photo by  Quit Nguyen

Photo by Quit Nguyen

 I also ran into local celeb, Nikki Nice! Nikki is one of the hosts of Heart & Soul Radio. She was wearing one of the collab shirts we did for Jabee! I try to catch the Open Mic Radio show as often as possible on 92.1fm or 1140am in the mornings from 9 - 11am. Check it out!

Get out there and support local music! I often hear people complain about Oklahoma City's lack of local live music, but the only way it grows is if we get out and show support for the musicians we currently have! Don't take the unique sounds of Oklahoma City for granted, we have some incredible talent here and Jabee Williams is one of those talents.