Dat the Intern

He loves it here

He loves it here

Some high school is forcing kids to gain valuable experiences by job shadowing local businesses throughout the semester. As a small business without fat stacks of cash tied up in offshore bank accounts, we're very excited about the free labor.

I sat down with Dat to ask him some questions and find out what's changed since I was in high school.

  • What's up Dat, how often will you be out here? 

Not as much as I want it to be, but from what the school gave me, about once a month. Didn't check on the date to where it ends, but it's probably soon.

  • And which school is forcing you to do this?

Haha the school "forcing" me is John Marshall High School....not as terrible as you may think.

  • Did you control your destiny or was it like one of those creepy dystopian novels where they assign you a job based on your personality?

I actually wanted to take this career path because of my love of art and video games, and no one told me what I'm supposed to do really. 

  • Just making it up as you go...Nice. What drew you to Tree & Leaf?

I'm interested in art. I have a friend that told me his brother knew a guy that worked here and I said "Perfect, I'll text him right away".

  • Expand on the type of art you like.

Most of my interest in art comes from video games, so character designs, concept art of landscapes, etc. but I also watch a lot of anime, and well, those guys are pretty cool to draw as well.

  • I heard you play soccer. I play soccer! That's amazing, we're basically the same. Any favorite teams or players?

Yes, I do play soccer, not that good please don't judge, and my favorite team would have to be Real Madrid, but my favorite player has to be Lionel Messi.

  • What's cool in high school these days?

Ummm not really much. Just studying, drama with relationships, fights (I don't get in any), and horrible lunch food really. Stuff you see in movies basically.

  • Would I be cool in high school right now?


  • I'm going to let that slide. Do people constantly ask you what you're going to do after graduation? 

Of course! It's one of the only questions they ask, but I always tell them that graphic designing is probably the career choice I'm aiming to do.

  • Do you ever worry that this internship will be the high point of your life, and it's all downhill from here?

Well everybody has those moments and yes I do, but I don't let that bother me because being low in my pretty life is lame and going for the top is the main priority.

Get a load of that positive attitude. We're really excited to have Dat. He's going to be working with us once a month. We'll let him take over our social media stories, and probably completely base his grade on how many likes he gets. Sorry kid, that's the real world. If you don't want to see Dat flunk out of school, tune in and let him know how he's doing!