Blue Seven Clean Start: Round 5

AdventuresDusty GilpinComment

I can't believe it's the 5th year for the Blue Seven Clean Start Program. I'm proud that this is also my fifth year to participate in the program, and I'd like to briefly share my experience with raw denim and encourage you to join along this year.

If you're not familiar with raw denim or The Blue Seven Clean Start, don't feel left out. Raw denim is increasing in popularity, and I dare say that Blue Seven hosts the biggest raw denim 'experiment' in the nation. An experiment that YOU can be a part of!

Raw denim in a very basic sense is a pair of jeans that hasn't been treated, dyed, or pre-washed. The Blue Seven Clean Start Program in a very basic sense is getting a pair of raw denim jeans and wearing them everyday - without wash - for 7 months straight.

Now, if you haven't participated in something like this before, it might sound crazy. I remember the first year I participated, I thought it was odd because I grew up, after all, with the understanding that jeans got washed every week. Blue Seven, on the contrary, encourages it's jean customers to withhold washing their jeans for at least 3 months. The reasoning behind this practice is that when jeans are washed on a regular basis, they lose the definition and unique wear patterns particular to the wearer. 

The above image is the results of the last 4 years of my participation. I generally beat my jeans up pretty good. They get first hand experiences in mural painting, screen printing, hiking, and dog-wrestling. I've slept in them, cycled in them, worked on cars in them, and I even got married in a pair of raw denim jeans. Once you've broken your jeans in for 7 months, you wash them and all the unique wear patterns really show up. After the first wash, the jeans shrink back down for the first time and you end up with the most comfortable pair of jeans you've ever owned stretched and fitted just for your lifestyle.

Blue Seven has an incredible selection of denim in their appropriately named, Denim Room. They also have a staff that is incredibly knowledgeable in every brand they carry.

If you are interested in participating in Blue Seven Clean Start 2015-2016, there is a little time left for you to participate. Click HERE to sign up for information about Clean Start, or swing by your friendly Blue Seven THIS WEEK to sign up for a fitting and get your pair of jeans!