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Anthem Brewing Factory Tour

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Last week, @trudust and myself had the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of one of Oklahoma City’s great local beer-makers. Dusty live-painted the artwork from their seasonal Rye’d or Die IPA to celebrate its re-release.



After downing a few beers, Anthem Brewing’s Ben Childers gave us an impromptu, how-it’s-made factory tour of the works.

All Aboard

All Aboard

There are monster silver tanks visible from the taproom floor, but once you slip through the Warehouse door, it’s another ballgame – big bags of hops, bits of cans, and barrels galore.

We also raided the refrigerator room with ready-to-go kegs and cold variety packs. 

Hollywood-induced fear of getting trapped in here and beer though

Hollywood-induced fear of getting trapped in here and beer though

The mixing process starts with a recipe, combing through hop varieties and specialty ingredients to be fed into what I can only assume is a giant blender. The mix shoots through pipes running along the ceiling, returns to the main floor,  and ends up in these fat-cat silver tanks for a soak.

The tanks are apparently filled with really hot water, so of course we touched them immediately. Good thing they’re insulated! 

The tanks are apparently filled with really hot water, so of course we touched them immediately. Good thing they’re insulated! 


Fun fact: after soaking, hoppy remains are picked up by super-farmers to be used as feed. It’s a symbiotic service – Anthem stays clear of hoppy leftovers, and hogs get free food. I think Ben said they go through something like 5 tons a week. Pigs must be feasting.

Runoff is pumped away, and perfect beer is delivered to the cannery system. The cannery machine was a straight up robot – little arms and and conveyor belts popping the tops onto cans. Lots of smarts, effort, and technology goes into your Friday night buzz. Who knew!

The tour was great, but the really great thing about Anthem has been how engaged they are in the community. They’ve supported and sponsored all kinds of events for us and for other local businesses. No kidding, they chipped in coldies right after this for our humble Retro Game Night.

Drink up!

Drink up!

So thanks to Ben and all the guys at Anthem. Crack open a fresh IPA! Cheers!



The Change Begins in Your Hand

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Well, I'm at it - again.

It's been 5 months since I made my case for shopping local. It got quite a few shares and lots of hearts and thumbs. I was pretty stoked on the social media impact that little article had. I poured a lot of honest thought into it, and I think I allowed myself to share some things that a few other local retailers were wanting to say.

So here I sit, again, typing up another blog about shopping local. As a small retailer, of course it's a topic I'm passionate about. However, some of the conversations I've had with other local retailers and artists have been nothing short of heartbreaking. The wind is being taken from our sails (and sales).

After this incredibly divisive political year, shopping local is one of the most bipartisan actions one can take. Both sides want changes of some sort but those changes aren't going to trickle down because you vote once every 4 years in a presidential election. Change should happen from within and the change begins in your hands! Shopping local is as patriotic a duty as voting and has daily, localized results. You cast a ballot every time you make a purchase. You have the ability to cultivate community and culture when you reach into your wallet. You become the lobbyist when you shop. Amazon is convenient and next day shipping is neat - but you know what is really neat? Having a conversation and an impact on the culture of your city!

I won't be as long-winded as my last article, but I urge with you to be consciously considerate when you make a purchase. Think long term about the impact your dollar has. This is not about hopping on the bandwagon of a trend, it's about really investing into your city and neighborhood.

"The change begins in your hands" is a slogan and image we want to spread. If you are as passionate as we are about supporting local businesses, we'd like to let you use this image. Below are a few different file types so you can utilize this image on social media, print, or wherever you find suitable. We'll likely print up some stickers and whatnots with the image soon. Thanks for supporting small businesses, it means so much to us.

11x17 Print

(3) 11x17 Print

Social Media (Square)

Social Media JPEG


Survey Says


As a local business, we're listening to you. Not in a creepy, NSA way, but you know, as a friend. It's part of our mission to add value to the community. This is a chance for you to influence the top brass at Tree & Leaf. 

I know, surveys are gross. But this one is short, and it touches on fun things like art, music, and sport. Plus, instead of hassling you in real life with flyers and forms, we're hassling you on the internet, which is somehow better. Answer any or all questions. We'll keep it open for you for a couple of weeks. Thanks for your input and your support!