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HabitFest 2018

ART, GRAFFITIDusty GilpinComment

I drove up to Tulsa on Saturday to hang with the Clean Hands homies and a dozen other talented artists. It was one of those fantastically long days driving up at 6am and back by 11pm, getting baked in the sun, and painting all day. Painting murals is a blast, especially when surrounded by other great artists. Big thank you to, Aaron Whisner, Jake Beeson, and Justin Baney for hosting the event and taking care of all the artists. They are a pretty great posse and I'd poach them all from Tulsa and bring them to OKC if I could. Tulsa is a much cooler town because of those dudes!


Here's a little time lapse of the paint process. Nothing too special, I'll get to practicing on my video set up and editing....