Sunset Cassette 2017 - Now Available Online!

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Last summer I partnered with 46 RPM, Anthem Beer, and BurnTapes to produce one of the most fun projects I've ever worked on. We hosted 4 concerts throughout the summer featuring two bands each. To pair with the concert series, we created a cassette tape featuring two songs from each band. The final product looked fantastic, Greg Terry did an incredible job creating the cassettes, and Steven Silva and I teamed up to create the branding. As a topper to the whole thing, we had HuckWheat and RodMalone of the Sativa Prophets narrate in between every track.

Until now, the music has only been available on the limited edition cassette tape. If you want to give the tracks a listen, check it out below:

Here is a complete track listing. Click the name of the band to find out more about the artist!

Side A:

  1. Bowlsey - Who Are You?
  2. The Nghiems - Ain't Nobody
  3. Rousey - Cadence
  4. The Ivy - Gold
  5. Haniwa - Absolutely
  6. Astral Planes - Everlasting Glow
  7. Cosmostanza - Gossip
  8. Sativa Prophets - Cloud Dancer

Side B:

  1. Astral Planes - Run Print
  2. The Nghiems - Lonely Beast
  3. Rousey - Alright
  4. The Ivy - She
  5. Cosmostanza - Guillotine
  6. Haniwa - Feels
  7. Bowlsey - Copperheart
  8. Sativa Prophets - No Limit

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Summertime Superjam

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I love listening to mash-ups and mixtapes. Something about an hour of constant music helps me shake out the jams and get to work. DJ Moody is a good friend of the shop and excellent DJ so we decided to team up with him to cultivate a jam just for the summer! This is the poolside, lemonade sippin', sunset serenade, classic car cruise, out-on-the-boat, beach volleyball, ice cold brewski, back porch, summertime mix of the century. Check it out!

For a full download, click here.