The Ouachitas

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@freakinsilva dropping in, a little over a week ago, before my knee surgery, I was lucky enough to get away for some hiking. Here's my write up:

Oklahoma's native roots have given us names like Talihina, Talimena, and Ouachita. If you're not familiar, Talimena is classic small-town America – just a sleepy outpost near Talimena State Park, nestled in the Ouachita Mountain Range. This area is a great change of pace. I so strongly associate Oklahoma with the Great Plains that I feel like I occasionally overlook all the trees in the southeastern part of the state. It's a straight forest out there! 

Mark getting that fresh air

Mark getting that fresh air

There are 223 miles of trail running through the Ouachitas, stretching across Oklahoma and Arkansas. My legs were toast well before that. 20 miles ain't bad. 

There are spaces with incredibly minimal trails, sparsely dotted with old routed wood signs, where you really feel far from civilization. And then there are campgrounds around the lake, with water hookups and stables catering to equine trails. A bunch of families were riding horses near the water, which was vintage old west.

If you've never been, and you like fresh air, it's a great spot! Check it out, and check out our pals @travelok for more great spots.