figure drawing

Figure Drawing in the Plaza

ARTSteven SilvaComment

The joint efforts of our friends Collected Thread and Kasum Contemporary have created another great opportunity for artists right here in the Plaza District. Drawing from life is a great way to practice. Trading every other week with our very own #drinkanddrawokc, you're invited to make way to Kasum Contemporary on alternating Thursday nights from 7:45 to 9:45. Kasum does a fantastic job rotating models and hosting this event. They keep things tidy, providing a semicircle of seats and interesting stage-lighting. Models typically begin with a series of shorter warm-up poses before finding a number of ten, fifteen, and twenty minute poses. Bring your own art supplies - an easel, sketchbook, or clipboard makes for a great drawing surface - and $5 to pay the model. The TL Crew is making a point to try to get to more of these sessions! It's our spring resolution. Come get down with us yo, it's no joke!