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We had the chance to be on the Grounded Sounds podcast at the Tower Theater this week, and the whole experience was a blast. In the search for consistent, quality acts on the spirited level of Tulsa's bouncy Cain's Ballroom, the Tower Theater really has a chance to be that warm, historical venue OKC's previously lacked.

The doors opened all the way back in 1937, premiering films as the city's cinematic crown jewel for forty years. Now, after a long hiatus, the building has finally reopened. The guts have been completely reinvigorated. Stephen Tyler, Chad Whitehead, and Jabee Williams have pressed the right buttons bringing the project together. 

I'll throw a special thanks to Jen, Able, and Evan for hosting us - they were super kind and kept us from getting bogged down on all the microphones. Their second floor studio setup was an interesting mix of old and new, dotted with eclectic toys – a Marty McFly hoverboard, a Portal gun, and a 30 foot plush snake in the rafters. Equally exciting? The mini fridge was loaded with local beers. Shout out Grounded Sounds! Thanks again for the hospitality.

Chumps infiltrate Grounded Sounds

Chumps infiltrate Grounded Sounds

If you're not familiar, the podcast itself is an arm of Cellar Door Music Group focusing on intersections between local businesses and the local music scene.

For this episode we were mic'd up alongside local indie pop group Haniwa, one of the bands featured on our Sunset Cassette summer mixtape. They'll be bringing some jams to our backyard stage in a show with The Ivy on 9/17

In the podcast, we talk a little bit about our involvement in the local music community, printing posters for hip-hop legend Talib Kweli, and even touch on the history of the name Tree & Leaf. Haniwa caps it off with a fantastic, stripped down performance. You can listen to the whole thing here: