The Sunset Cassette

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Summer school, summer vacation, jumping in pools, majestic sunsets, freeze-pops, porch nights, fresh produce, fresh tunes, boogie nights, crushes… 

As we get older, it becomes easier to swap the youthful magic of summer break for common complaints about the weather. “It’s so hot outside!” we say. 

Not this year. The hottest part of this summer? Our mixtape:

The first batch of Tree & Leaf Sunset Cassettes™ drop next weekend during a backyard party show by Rousey and The Nghiems (the night after our Mario Kart 64 tourney, get wrecked). The cassettes are sponsored by us and by Anthem Brewing, mixed locally by 46 RPM, DJ’ed by boys of summer Huck and Rod, and laced with eight upcoming local acts jamming two tracks apiece – Rousey, The Nghiems, Bowlsey, Sativa Prophets, Cosmostanza, Astral Planes, The Ivy, and Haniwa

Here are the dates for our summer series: 

ATTENDANCE IS FREE. The homies and drones at Amazon aren’t throwing parties like this. It’s a tangerine dream. We’ll live-print band Ts during each show, and cassettes and merch will be available. Special thanks to all the talent, 46 RPM, and that boy Troy B at Burn Tapes.

See you there,