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STATE OF THE UNION: Bike the Plaza, Plazafest, Sunset Cassette

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Yo, September and October are always such busy months. The weather is in its prime, sports happen, and every event known to man is crammed into the calendar-equivalent of a Brooklyn studio apartment. 

With that in mind, here's a look at some of our upcoming events:

9/8 LIVE ON THE PLAZA: Bike the Plaza (7-11 PM)


Tired of guzzling price hike gas and parking problems? Pedal down to the Plaza Friday night. It'll make bar-hopping that much better. Excellent graphic artist and DJ Aaron Cahill is this month's feature. He'll be performing with the DAMN HAZE. We'll also throw some new stuff on our in-store press. Ride on by!

9/16 State Fair Graffiti Jam (All Day)


If you're going to elbow your way through the maze of fried food, you might as well stop by and say hi as we paint panels. We've expanded the event again this year, going from 6 artists a few years ago, to 15 last year, to a whopping 18 this year. Each artist will bring their own ideas and unique styles. Take pics and tag us with your favorites. If you're an aspiring painter or arts supporter, check it out! 

9/14 Pencil Pushers (7-10 PM)


Our free, biweekly drawing hangout sesh is open to all skill levels interested in developing the craft. No curriculum, and our only hard and fast rule is that you respect others. Post up, bring supplies, meet designers, graffiti artists, comic book creators, and casual doodlers. Swap tips, learn about supplies, and scribble away your worries. BYOB. 

9/17 Sunset Cassette: Haniwa & The Ivy (9-11 PM)


The final show of our summer series anticipates cool weather and dreamy tunes from local bands Haniwa and The Ivy. Listen below for delicious indie-pop vibes.

PS - This show will start later to accommodate the musicians' open house at Tower Theater. We're shooting for something like 9-9:30.

9/30 Plaza District Festival (11 AM - 11 PM)


Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 30th - this will be a whole day of celebrating local arts, culture, and the revitalization of our little neighborhood. There will be craft tents, three stages of music (headlined by the ever-cool Sports), food trucks, fresh murals, and good times.

Well there you go, now you have plans. Let the good times roll.