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Thunder Up TRU Crew Style!

My best graffiti friend Kaleb Nimz and I have been working this weekend on a project we decided to take on Friday. We knew we were going to paint this weekend, and like a good crew, we both thought of painting a Thunder inspired mural! We met at 6am on both Saturday and Sunday to get this thing going and I made the final touches today at 7am. Kaleb rocked all the letters and I painted the characters. I think it turned out very nice. Don't let the images fool you, the mural is over 10 feet high and 20 feet wide.

Get the high-res version here.

OKC Thunder Graffiti

James Harden Okc Thunder graffiti

James Harden reppin' the T&L logo chain...we haven't even released these yet.

Serge Ibaka OKC Thunder GraffitiThabo Sefalosha OKC Thunder GraffitiOKC Thunder Graffiti Kevin DurantOKC Thunder Graffiti Russel WestbrookOKC Thunder Graffiti Nick CollisonOKC Thunder Graffiti Perkins

Thanks to Uptown United and neighboring business owner for giving us the permission to express ourselves and our art form on their walls. Feel free to share the images above, and Thunder Up!