Frequently Asked Questions

You’re all out of X! Are you gonna make more?
Maybe...but probably not. We love keeping our inventory fresh, so sometimes our print runs are only featured once or twice. Your best bet is to check our social media pages or the website constantly.

I want to work for Tree & Leaf. How do I apply for a job/internship?
Send us your resume! Since we're a small business, we don't hire often. However, we do keep all our submitted resumes on file for when we are ready to hire.

I need one shirt printed, can you do it?

I need 500 shirts printed by tomorrow, can you do it?


I need shirts printed, can I get a discount if we put your logo on them?

No. We don't like to blur the lines between our contract printing and our brand. We will do our best to get you a quality print job at an exceptional price sans T&L logo.

Will you donate to my organization?
Maybe, but we reserve our donations for our print clients, neighbors, and customers.

Can we interview you?
Maybe. Interviews take time, it depends on how busy we are.

I would like to carry Tree & Leaf in my store, interested?
Email Please include the following information in your request: minimum of 5 store photos, shop address, and buyer contact information. If you do not include the requested information, you will not receive a response.

I ordered from your online shop and need an exchange. (Or any other general customer service inquiries):
See our Return Policy and email