Our Roots

Tree & Leaf Clothing was originally formed in the fall of 2005. It was several months, and many meetings before the company was officially up and running in the summer of 2006. Completely started and managed by young entrepreneurs, Tree & Leaf is the product of hard work, sacrifice, and big dreams. Built not just as another screen printing business, Tree & Leaf is a full design studio with its own line of screen printed apparel which originally appeared in a retail store attached to our print shop.  A stand alone store front has since been opened located in Oklahoma City's emerging Plaza District on 16th Street.  Hard work and dedication has kept the company doors open and the originality of our designs and atmosphere has built a following and kept customers coming.

The Guys of Tree & Leaf

John Milner

John Milner | Email John | @johnhmilner

Owner / Operations

After several failed attempts at college, John enrolled fulltime in the college of life. Having started several business ventures including a margarita machine rental business and event planning company, John has learned the rules of business first hand.  On any given day, you will find John ordering product, managing store inventories, invoicing, or managing the books.  John believes in dreaming big and working hard.

Dusty Gilpin

Dusty Gilpin | Email Dusty | @TRUdust

Owner / Designer

Dusty is the third generation of a family of commercial artists and illustrators. A college dropout and self-taught printer, his design style is thoroughly influenced by typography, cartoons, and graffiti. Nearly all the branding and design work at Tree & Leaf is done by Dusty. Join him every Thursday at the Tree & Leaf shop for Drink & Draw, or follow his animated life on Twitter and Instagram: @TRUdust.


John Metcalf Print Shop Manager Tree And LeafJohn Metcalf | Email John | @johnnymetcough

Print Shop Manager

 John Metcalf is the Print Shop Manager at Tree & Leaf. Hailing from Yukon, USA, John holds the shop down and handles most the processing of contract print jobs and supply. He's been working with us for 4 years, and is an all-around handy man in the shop. He enjoys video games, folk music, and helping his lovely wife, Kim, with her new salon in Bethany. Keep in touch with him daily on Twitter @JohnnyMetcough



Taylor Dickerson | @TaylorDickTaylor Dickerson Tree And Leaf Print Shop Tech

Print Shop Tech

Taylor is a college student at the University of Central Oklahoma, currently studying Business Management. As you can tell from the picture, he's the "muscles" of Tree & Leaf and keeps away criminals and bad work ethic. He enjoys playing drums, basketball, longboarding, cycling, watching Workaholics, and being as goofy as possible in order to distract his co-workers which makes him look like a better employee. This technique backfires often. Taylor has zero visual artistic ability but can appreciate it. Trust me, he knows when it is good. Some talents Taylor has include shoving quarters up his nose, being cool, and reading at an adult level. Tree & Leaf is just a place of work for Taylor and he has no respect for anyone else that is a part of it. Read the sentence before this one as though it is opposite day and thats a more accurate portrayal of how he feels about being at Tree & Leaf. ROCK ON TAYLOR!


Phillip BearshieldTree And Leaf Phillip Bearshield Print Shop Tech

Print Shop Tech

Phil Bearshield is the only other full time employee at T&L besides John Metcalf. Phil is a hard-working, coffee drinking, early morning, poster printing, expert of a screenprinter. When he's not in the shop he's either listening to local hardcore music, hanging out with his beautiful girlfriend Molly Dolly, or shredding on his skateboard. Phil puts the gnar in gnarlyand has been a screenprinter for 6 years. Phil is an expert printer and has even done poster printing for The Flaming Lips. Check out his instagram feed @Phil222.


Ian Spencer Designer Tree And LeafIan Spencer | Email Ian | @stickz405


Ian is one of the Graphic Designers at Tree & Leaf. He is currently studying Graphic Communications at Oklaoma City Community College. An avid member of Individuals car club and has been desiging and doing photography for almost 10 years now. When he isn't working in the shop or at school, he's usually in the streets snapping photos, lowriding, traveling, eating at trendy food spots, or hanging out with his beautiful girlfriend Laura. Ian is also working on his own clothing brand called Definition. Be sure to follow Ian's crazy life on Istagram @Stickz405.